Beginner Classes

This class is for beginners who do not have any piping experience.
The length of the class is 1 day (8 hours) including two 30 min breaks.

In this class you will learn various piping techniques. How to decorate cupcakes and how to make a special buttercream to create beautiful and natural looking flowers using special nozzles which allows you to pipe thinner and very realistic looking petals and leafs.

Also you will learn some colouring techniques which make your flowers look more real.

You will be supplied:

• Set of special nozzles
• Flower nail
• Wooden nail holder
• Flower scissors
• Couplers X 2
• Step by step instructions


Please contact me for costs

Please note: Additional costs to cover travel expenses will be added if class is held at your home. Full payment for each class is required in advance – payment details will be sent to you on booking agreement.

To book a beginner class or workshop, please contact me with your details below to arrange a suitable date. If you have any requests please mention them in the message field.

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